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upcycled & chic: Furniture Made from Recycled Glossier Packaging

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It's hard to imagine improving upon the packaging of Glossier products. The double walled jars of the Priming Moisturizer Rich are as hefty and substaintial as the formula that they hold. The shimmering transparent pink pump of Solution gives you hope that by the time you finish that bottle, you're skin will also be sparkling. And then there are the perfectly utilitarian but also wildly eyecatching pink pouches that everything comes in. When you see a Glossier product, you just know where it came from.

But what if that packaging is repurposed and reused into something chic and dressing room-friendly? After all, Glossier girls have to sit on something while they put on a fresh coat of Lidstar.

New Yorker Kim Markel answered that question with a collection of translucent furniture, all made out of empty Glossier products.

“The packaging is broken down and bonded with other plastics in large molds, then cured and sanded until an imperfect, slightly dissolved, candy-like effect is achieved,” says Markel. “It takes over 50 jars to make a single chair.”

I think I'm lucky these aren't for sale. I'm currently furniture shopping for my brand new apartment and have a tendency to throw my budget out the window when it comes to anything related to Glossier.

want: Boy Smells Candles

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$29 Boy Smells Candles on

I've been able to control my candle shopping habits by only allowing myself to pick out under-$20 options from T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods. By thoroughly combing through their aisles, I can usually pick out a few soy wax options with the muskier, more masculine notes that I prefer over fruity or florally ones (I've actually had good success with the "Manly Indulgences" line and love to think about the type of bro that would actually pick one of them out for his own pad). 

I'm a sucker for the more Instagram-friendly selections, though, and while I'm not going to start filling my online shopping cart with Byredo or Dyptique candles anytime soon, I am ready to spend a tiny bit more to satisfy this urge to fill my home with millennial pink purchases.

Enter Boy Smells candles. These candles seem like they were designed as click bait for a rosé-loving 28 year old like me. The design is minimal but playful, the names are punny and simple, and their scent profiles are sophisticated but not overly complicated. I'm allowing myself to pick one out as a new summer scent, but now the real hard part is deciding which one to get. 

Madewell X Food52

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It's no secret that I can't control myself when it comes to Madewell. I see their seasonal catalogs as my ultimate style goalz, and spend way too much time scouring through their website whenever I get a 30% Off Sale email from their marketing team. They stand for comfortable, chic, high quality clothing, and their products never disappoint. 

So, with the announcement of a Madewell X Food52 homegoods collaboration, I find myself blindly reaching for my wallet and truing to hit Add to Cart over and over. It's all simple, solidly made, and has just the right touch of Scandinavian design to it.

Hey Santa, I promise I'll cook a lot more if I find some of these kitchen items under my tree this year. Deal?

Inside the Man Repeller's SoHo Offices

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Screw January. September = a fresh start. Who needs a New Year's Resolution when you can buy all new office or school supplies and experience the same exact feelings of inspiration and motivation? TV shows are littered with Target commercials about buying new jeans and fresh notebooks, but as a young professional, this feeling of rebirth can extend to revamping my office space, too. I'm planning on hitting up Homegoods today with the intentions of buying some new organizational supplies for my desk at my new job, and this tour of The Man Repeller's new digs are the perfect inspiration for what I want to find there - stylish, fun, and comfortable, with stacks of books and plenty of Instagramable vignettes. It feels young, but not too young - it has millennial written all over it, but not in a bad way. You know what I mean?