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it finally feels like winter here in Vermont.  we've had temperatures well below zero the past few days, and I don't remember the last time I was this cold.  I love snow, but I don't love spending hours shoveling porches or pushing cars out of ditches.  it all looks really pretty until it seeps into your boots and coats your mittens, leaving you perpetually cold.  I spend my days wearing two pairs of socks and as many layers of flannel and Uniqlo heattech as I can find.

today the weather man on NPR said that it was the coldest morning of the season, measuring in at a bitter -6*F.  at least in the morning there isn't much wind so it really only feels like -6, not -25 like it did this weekend.  I need to move somewhere else, fast.

the cold & crisp morning made for a wonderful sunrise, though.  I snapped these pics on my iPhone while driving (which, unlike texting, isn't illegal yet).