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weekend flowers

lifestyleAnna Keller1 Comment
pink roses

my weekend trips to Trader Joe's always start with me picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers. having some fresh fauna in my apartment always feels like such a nice touch, especially in the summer. and at least with fresh cut flowers, I'm not guaranteed to kill it like I do every potted plant that comes through my door. these roses set me back $3.99, and since they're one of a small selection of cat-friendly options at the store (gerber daisies and sunflowers are my other safe go-tos), I get them in a different color every time. pink seemed like a good choice today, especially when paired with Natalie Portman's dress on the cover of August's Harper's Bazaar on my coffee table.

pink roses

lovely snaps

photographyAnna Keller2 Comments

I kind of love the first frame of a roll of film.  my dad told me to 'burn' it when he was teaching me how to use my camera, but I like the mystery of half a shot. 


click on each image to enlarge it. 

top: a treat of yellow roses, just for me

bottom: a polka-dotted dress for my uncle's wedding