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girl crush: Emmanuelle Alt

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whenever a picture of Emmanuelle Alt, the current Editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, comes up in my Tumblr feed, I can't help but reblog it.  she is always the master of grungy-sexy-chic but never looks like she's trying too hard.  while I may not be able to maneuver cobblestone street in the perfect pointy black heels she is always wearing, I can definitely take styling cues from her by wearing not too tight pants with the perfect slouchy button-down tucked just right into the front.  she knows how to layer cozy grey staples like no other, and she may just be the reason my subconscious prefers to let my brunette hair go days between washings and spend too much time in the morning trying to get the right work-appropriate smoky-sexy eye combination (I rarely succeed).  only a rare few girls get to be a Voguette, but the rest of us can try our hardest to nail that je ne sais quois.

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the louvre

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if you read my travel blog while I was studying abroad last year, you know that I was totally fine with the size of the mona lisa.  not too big, not too small.  just right.  who says a masterpiece needs to take up an entire gallery wall?  

she was pretty much the same upon this visit.  subtly smiling as the whole room snapped pictures of her.  I think that too many people only know how to view art through another, simpler lens.  I watched this guy spend 3 whole minutes taking pictures of a seemingly innocuous Renaissance era painting.  maybe he knew something I didn't, or maybe he was doing this to one painting in every room.  either way, it made me wonder if a museum is a place where cameras should be allowed.  does having a viewfinder ruin the viewing experience?

we were also distracted in one of the galleries by the loud thumpings of a man who was supposed to be painting a painting of one of the paintings.  oddly, it didn't look like he ever actually put new paint on the almost completed piece.  there was a small crowd of people photographing this anonymous, slightly disruptive man.  a statement on the modern interpretation of art? 

oh, Paris...

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my sister is leaving for Paris next week, and I am supremely envious that get she gets to live in the city of lights for a whole semester.  when I saw this video I just had to post it.  it's a lovely little glimpse of what it feels like to be a girl exploring the streets of Paris, eating macarons, getting lost, and finding a cute French boy to help you navigate the winding sidewalks.  it even has a little vocab lesson thrown in that makes it practically educational.  enjoy!