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shop: Gelcream tee

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t shirt on model.jpg

There's a vast world of skincare product Instagrammers out there, and one of the OGs (and unfortunately, one of the most ripped off) is @gelcream. Her product holding technique and use of shadows in her photography is always just right, and her captions are always honest reviews of a full spectrum of products - mass and indie, brand new and classic. Her Insta is a goldmine of product inspiration and discussion topics, and her stories feature cameos of her adorable pup Mishka and lots of reminders to drink more water (seriously, everyone needs to drink more water!)

She's hinted at having other creative projects in the works beyond her IG pages, and her first one was released this week. A simple, yet completely on-brand custom t-shirt. I'm thinking this will bring together true @gelcream fans the same way that Glossier's grey sweatshirts did.

Even though it's a little pricey ($59), I love supporting bloggers and other creatives when they make the leap from Instagram posts to a finished product. Plus making product in small volumes is incredibly expensive! And the design is so cool AND comfortable - my only two real qualifiers when shopping for myself. I already bought mine.

instagram illustrations

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We all use Instagram differently, right? some people use it to keep an eye on their favorite celebrities (hello, Kardashians!), some use it to share BBG before and after pics, some are completely run by four-legged creatures (I'll confess that I double tap on almost anything that features an animal), while others are solely focused on stalking exes. while I have plenty of guilty pleasures filling up my feed, my absolute favorite accounts to follow are those of illustrators, especially those who work in watercolor.

this past week I started following two new accounts that I'm now obsessed with: @belindaxiaillustration and @aolanow. both are women who capture their worlds in chic and simple illustrations, and I want every single one of their pieces to create the ultimate gallery wall in my living room.

back to the grind

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Summer weekends never seem long or restful enough. I had a leisurely Saturday morning, which quickly transformed into a busy day of errands and BBQ shenanigans down by the lake in the late afternoon. I woke up on Sunday morning with a bit of a headache from the Bota Brick pinot grigio that I drank while watching the sunset (they've released a new box that holds 2 bottles of wine for $8.99 at Hannaford's, perfect for sharing - or not), but then got to spend the afternoon drifting on a tube at Leddy Park on what was actually the perfect beach day: 82 degrees and sunny. Granted, my chest is a little red from all of that sun today, but I can definitely say it was worth it.

me, my cat, and a . . . book?

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I love a good, quiet weekend.  mine was full of cat cuddling, laundry folding, Netflix viewing, a little bit of work, wine, and *gasp* reading!  I haven't read a book in about two years...I know, I know, this is shameful, especially since my job title includes 'writer.'  I'll read magazines and blogs all day, every day, but for some reason, the time and commitment that it takes to slog through a book has been deterring me from picking one up for the past few months.  I'm easing myself into it, though, with the book on which the wildly popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black is based.  so far, so good, and I can actually see myself reading it cover to cover.  maybe this is me rekindling my romance with books?  only time will tell.