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lots of bloggers talk about 'unplugging' - you know, going off the wireless grid on the weekends or whatever to make sure they aren't addicted to Instagram and to ensure that their kids are getting the same amount of attention that their Facebook feed is.  now, I never feel the need to do this.  sure, I spend an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through Feedly (my new obsession since Google Reader is about to die) , Tumblr, and Pinterest, but those are my hobbies and I like them.  however, due to a series of unfortunate/stupid events, I have been without my iPhone since Saturday evening and I'm still going strong.

the last instagram I was able to capture | at Miller's Pond State Park in Connecticut

the last instagram I was able to capture | at Miller's Pond State Park in Connecticut

my phone is now en route to my mailbox, and while I've had the unsettling feeling that certain people (aka boys) will think I'm intentionally ignoring their text messages, I've been totally OK with being unreachable.  sure, it was a little stressful to drive back from Connecticut in the rain without a GPS or means to call AAA if I got a flat, but I managed.  I'm also super bummed that I didn't get to take and share a million pictures from my day at the beach.  neither of these problems meant the end of the world, I'm here, still going strong, and thanks to my iPad, Skype, and a million other handy applications, I haven't missed a beat.

oh, and a piece of advice: activate the find my iPhone app on your phone and other Apple devices.  it has saved me on multiple occasions and its 'lost' function is the only reason me and my companion of 2+ years are soon to be reunited. 

lately, via my iPhone

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clockwise, from top left

1.  dinner from my mom's CSA share: one mini quiche, one strawberry tartlet

2.  the last of my graduation gifts.  now I get to rep my Tartan Pride at work.

3.  a little bit of DIY art in my new apartment.  I'll do a full post on this soon.

4.  sipping on water and a brew at Uno's.  it's not fine dining but sometimes I'm OK with a totally average meal (especially when someone else is paying).

1.  setting up wifi in my place.  I tried to go without it for a little longer to save some $$$ but I caved after 1 1/2 weeks.

2.  I've gotten kind of into cooking again, and I've had a lot of success with these super simple fish tacos.  I bought frozen tilapia filets, and they're super easy to thaw and then saute up in olive oil, cilantro, and salt and pepper, then serve it up on warm tortillas with diced tomato and a little fresh guac.  seriously, it's so easy and I feel so gourmet when I eat them.

3.  rare street art in Burlington

4.  a french press and my Anthro mug, such a perfect start to a weekend morning.

lately, via my iPhone

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20120707-120400.jpg 1. I made my first real dinner in my apartment this week: peanut noodles that I vaguely recreated from a recipe in Cosmo. it's tasty but after eating leftovers for a few days straight I'm ready for something else. 2. here's the before picture of the accent wall that I mentioned. that blue tape is expensive! 3. anyone and everyone posted pictures of this week's fireworks on instagram and I still can't get enough. so pretty, always. 4. candles are a new apartment necessity, especially candles that come in pretty boxes.