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I hate how busy I've been lately.  I never manage to do the little things that I want to do - paint my nails when they start to chip, get coffee on the way to work, take pictures of the Vermont foliage.  all of these pictures are over a month old.  mostly of my cat being too cute, with a few of my most recent Goodwill finds thrown in.  this autumn is just flying by with me working a lot and not doing a good job of managing my free time.  here's just a little list of what I have managed to get done:

  • tried kombucha for the first time.  it was alright and not something I need in my life right now.
  • started doing Body Pump.  for 3 days after my first class, my legs were jelly and my triceps ached.  now I'm feeling good the next day.  alas, in Body Pump land, that means you need to up your weights.
  • went to a wonderful work dinner at Pizzaria Verita.  the pizza was divine, and having my wine and meal paid for was even nicer.  hey, interns should enjoy work dinners more than the average employee.
  • started wearing heavy socks and warm jackets.  I've turned my heat on and am currently hiding under a fuzzy blanket.  I forgot how chilly Vermont gets this early in the year and I'm not sure I like it.
  • had a scare and left my iPhone at a bar.  it was like I lost a child.  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  

lately, via my iPhone

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because I can't be bothered to take my real cameras out and about with me.

clockwise from top left

a pretty great fortune / accessories for my TV stand / my Grandma sent me an interesting care package.  'living alone and loving it!' is my new mantra. / a stormy Saturday afternoon by Lake Champlain.  I didn't get a lot of sun that day.

finally, a sunny day on the same beach! / some interesting art at a rundown auto repair shop near my apartment / my brother's band, Wolcot, playing at Higher Ground / Canadian money, which is shiny and in French, making it way cooler than American dollars

so apparently I live across the from a really nice community garden now / today is a rainy, muggy day in Burlington

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clockwise, from top left

1.  dinner from my mom's CSA share: one mini quiche, one strawberry tartlet

2.  the last of my graduation gifts.  now I get to rep my Tartan Pride at work.

3.  a little bit of DIY art in my new apartment.  I'll do a full post on this soon.

4.  sipping on water and a brew at Uno's.  it's not fine dining but sometimes I'm OK with a totally average meal (especially when someone else is paying).

1.  setting up wifi in my place.  I tried to go without it for a little longer to save some $$$ but I caved after 1 1/2 weeks.

2.  I've gotten kind of into cooking again, and I've had a lot of success with these super simple fish tacos.  I bought frozen tilapia filets, and they're super easy to thaw and then saute up in olive oil, cilantro, and salt and pepper, then serve it up on warm tortillas with diced tomato and a little fresh guac.  seriously, it's so easy and I feel so gourmet when I eat them.

3.  rare street art in Burlington

4.  a french press and my Anthro mug, such a perfect start to a weekend morning.

lately, via my iPhone

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Burlington, Vermont is a strange and lovely place.  I've been getting to know it a little better this past week.  while I'm still a little apprehensive about sticking around in the area that I grew up in (at least for the immediate future), I'm having a lot of fun discovering burger nights at local farms, exploring the South End, and going for runs along the bike path on Lake Champlain.

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