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first taste of summer

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there are a few things that taste like summer to me: wild blueberries from my backyard, blue Fla-Vor-Ices, and maple creemees.

while I've technically been in 'summer vacation' mode since the beginning of May, today marked my first real taste of summer.

creemees are essentially soft serve, but we Vermonters think they are creamier and much more delicious than the normal stuff.  if you Wikipedia soft serve, you'll find that there are only a few cultures in the world who have their own spin on the creamy ice cream treat:


  • American Ice cream (גלידה אמריקאית glida america'it) is the term used for soft-serve in Israel.
  • Creemee: A term used in Vermont. Has a much creamier consistency than the common soft serve.
  • Pick Light (Pagoto Mechanis) is the term used for soft-serve in Greece.
  • Softcream (ソフトクリーム sofutokuriimu?) is used to describe an analogous product in Japan, that can be either savory or sweet, with uniquely Asian flavors such aswasabisesameume or plumrosekabocha or Japanese pumpkin, peach, and grape, among others.
there are some stands in the state that have dozens and dozens of amazing flavors.  Papa Nick's, a local Greek restaurant, has it's own creemee stand with a more selective menu but I think that it has some of the best creemees in the state.
when I was younger, I used to sample all of the single flavors as well as the twists, but now I stick to my own tried and true favorite: maple.  it's a flavor that will always remind me of days picnicking by Lake Champlain, late summer nights playing tag in the woods, and fields of flickering fireflies.  to me, that's summer.

in honor of spring

foodAnna Keller

growing up in Vermont, March could be summed up by two things: mud and sap

luckily, I've moved on to a more urban environment, so my bad memories of muddy roads and sticky boots are things of the past.  I do miss the steamy gatherings inside sugaring shacks, sugar-on-snow, and drizzling maple syrup that came from the trees in my yard alllll over some waffles.

so in honor of spring and the flowing of the sap, I indulged in a little maple goodness this morning.

it was just enough sugar and almost enough caffeine to get me through the last day of my weekend seminar on China

(seriously, who expects people to be satisfied with just 6 oz of coffee?)

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!