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Madewell X Food52

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It's no secret that I can't control myself when it comes to Madewell. I see their seasonal catalogs as my ultimate style goalz, and spend way too much time scouring through their website whenever I get a 30% Off Sale email from their marketing team. They stand for comfortable, chic, high quality clothing, and their products never disappoint. 

So, with the announcement of a Madewell X Food52 homegoods collaboration, I find myself blindly reaching for my wallet and truing to hit Add to Cart over and over. It's all simple, solidly made, and has just the right touch of Scandinavian design to it.

Hey Santa, I promise I'll cook a lot more if I find some of these kitchen items under my tree this year. Deal?

Mod + Jo Jewelry

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As part of my fall wardrobe revamp, I've been shopping for some new jewelry to add something new to my otherwise neutral wardrobe of striped shirts, button downs, and sweaters. I discovered Mod + Jo on Instagram, and their use of natural materials and on trend styling makes it a perfect score for Fall 2016. Chokers? Check. Tassel earrings? Check!  Most pieces are under fifty bucks, too, so while they aren't as cheap as the options at H&M right now, they're a much better investment. See some of my favorite picks below.

links I like

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I've been making my own matcha green tea lattes using a delicious mix from Trader Joe's, but if you want to try making your own, it doesn't look too hard. I was hesitant to try this stuff out, but it's actually a good alternative for a caffeine addict like me on the weekends when I don't need to wake up as quickly.

travelling for the holidays? packing light is tough, but definitely easier with some chic and simple inspiration like this

my motivation to cook dinner instead of getting takeout pho is at an all-time low right now, so this Goop round-up of (healthy!) dinner hacks for people too tired to cook looks like the best thing in the world to me.

I'm currently fighting the good fight against the black mold that popped up in my poorly ventilated bathroom, and to try and keep my head up, I'm dreaming that someday I can have a beautiful bathroom with a bathtub and ample counter space and...well, no mold. like these brass and marble-filled beauties.

and finally, I'm digging this sheepskin stool from CB2. alas, I know that it would immediately become a very expensive cat bed.

marble iPhone cases

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Native Union on Instagram

Lately, I've been really drawn to all things marble, and I blame the Native Union marble iPhone cases that are always popping up in my Instagram feed. simple and chic, these seem like they'd actually keep your phone safe from any kind of fall, while maintaining a timeless vibe that will outlast the next Apple upgrade.

alas, they come in at $80, and for that price I may as well just get a new phone. so to satisfy my craving, I've rounded up a selection of faux-marble cases, all under 30 bucks.