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summer must-do list

adventure, listsAnna KellerComment

happy summer everyone!

now that summer is officially here, and the humidity has officially made my hair impossible to handle, I'm going to make a must-do list so that I don't miss anything I've been craving to do. summer in Vermont is short and fleeting, riddled with bugs and thunderstorms, but I think that makes me appreciate the good parts even more. plus, it gives me something to remember when it's -19* F outside.


- eat outside as much as possible -

- dip my toes in the chilly Atlantic -

- actually go swimming! full on, get your hair wet swimming -

- go on a bike ride date that ends with a picnic, watching the sun set -

- get creative with sangria! -

- make a friend who has a boat, and go on said boat -

- draw & journal, ideally while sitting in nature -

- go on little weekend trips -

- exercise outdoors, not at the gym -

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photo | lake views

photographyAnna Keller1 Comment

apparently, fall has not forgotten about us up here in Burlington.  this week was actually gorgeous with warm days, cool nights, and sunshine-filled afternoons that made for perfect lunch break runs.  no filter required on these beauties, although my phone case did add a unique element to these snaps.