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summer's here!

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while many people think of Memorial Day as the kick off of summer, I think I can safely say that my absolute favorite season is here  - hopefully, to stay!  this past weekend consisted of cruising on the bike path with my newly acquired bike all the way up to North Beach park, with a picnic of a deli sandwich and a cold box of wine in my Fjall Raven backpack.  here's what I'll be using to get me through the next few months:

1. I was overcome with an urge to stress shop a few weeks ago, and I can safely say it was a smart decision because I am now the proud owner of this amazing H&M picnic blanket - fleece on one side, plastic on the other, with a strap to bundle it up and make it easily portable.  this is my new favorite possession.  2 & 3. it's a Vermont state park rule that you can't have alcohol in glass containers.  luckily, there's a decent selection of delicious boxed wine out there - both Bandit and Bota wines are totally worthy of your classy picnics (you can say goodbye to Franzia for good!)  4. I fell in love with Fjall Raven Kanken bags when I lived in Copenhagen and everyone fram age 4 to 34 would wear theirs in an adorable rainbow of stylish colors.  the good news is that they're much cheaper stateside than they are in socialist Denmark!  scope out your Fjall Raven here.  5.  I'm all about getting some color this summer, but I'm 25 now, so I have to do something to prevent my wrinkles from getting any more out of control (laugh lines I can deal with, but my 11s? no thank YOU).  this lovely sun hat from J. Crew is my and your friend in these sunny months.  6. for me, this scalloped Chloe bikini is a thing of dreams, but thank goodness I had the decency to pick up H&M's knock-off when it was in stock  7. you're not supposed to wear (much) makeup at the beach, right?  consider Maybelline 14-Hour Lipstick your pretty saving grace when it's so hot and sticky that even a caftan seems like too much effort  8. to go along with that sun hat, Clinique City Block is the best sun protector out there.  when other SPFs left me high and dry (and red), this amazing product kept my face cool and sunburn-free

survival guide: finals edition

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today marks the beginning of my last EVER week of finals in college (I've decided that studying abroad isn't going to count).  while I only have one exam that I must take (and it's for a class I've opted to take P/F #winning), I have 2 take-home essays and a whole lot of reading that I need to do.  this is when I start paying for all of that time spent reading blogs and watching Real Housewives marathons when I should have been analyzing contemporary political philosophy.  oh well. while I may not have the best study habits during the semester, I have a few necessities to get you through the worst week of the entire school year.

1.  diet Coke - I am a self-diagnosed caffeine addict, and this problem only gets worse when finals roll around.  sleep is often considered to be only for the weak.  in the morning I'll brew myself a cup (or 3) of coffee, but in the afternoon and evening, I opt for a cold can of soda.  lucky for me, a case of diet Coke is only $3.33 at CVS this week.  I think they knew I was coming.

2.  Sephora's OPI nail polish in High Maintenance - showering is just as low on my priority list as sleeping during exams, but I've found that painting my nails is right up there with dry shampoo for making me feel cleaner than I actually am.  the 15 minutes that it actually takes to paint my nails is the perfect amount of time to take a break from my books and clear my head.

3.  Goody spin pins - I've had my eye on these for a while, and I caved and bought a set of the smaller ones since my hair is still a little on the short side.  I have always thought that I do my best thinking with my hair in a bun, and these little guys make my up-dos super simple and fast to do.

4.  TEUXDEUX app - I bought this after reading about it on some review sites, and while the app isn't free, I think it's one of the better to-do list apps out there.  I love to make to-do lists, but I often find that I lose the little slips of paper that I write everything down on.  this app syncs between your computer and your phone, so you always have a nice list of necessary activities.  it also moves the tasks that you haven't had a chance to do to the next day, so you can't forget about the things you keep putting off.

5.  thinkThin bar in white chocolate chip - it is a well-known fact that you can't study if your tummy is growling, and it definitely won't after one of these bars.  with 20 grams of protein, this is the best flavor that I've tried.  they aren't cheap ($1.69 at Trader Joe's), but stashing one of these in my bag is a better option than whatever the vending machine has to offer.


what are your studying necessities?

best of luck to all of the students out there!

thursday style section

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now that I've successfully (or not...fingers are crossed) taken care of all the schoolwork that I had to do before embarking on spring break, it's time to tackle the next thing on my list: PACKING.

I'm not the lightest packer in the world, and going through multiple climates on a 7 day cruise is going to necessitate lots of outfit changes.  honestly, I can't wait to bust out my shorts and breezy shirts after spending so much time all huddled up in my winter-weight AA leggings and layers upon layers of sweaters and scarves.  and so, I feel the need to pack every floral or crocheted item in my closet.

I'm sticking with a theme so that it's easy to mix-and-match once I'm on board: grays, pinks, feather and floral prints, cream, olive, chambray, and only a tiny bit of black.  this is only a portion of what I've crammed into one bag.  I may be bringing, like, 7 different bikinis.

and then I need workout clothes, pjs, shoes, shoes, shoes, toiletries, and who knows what else.  I am inevitably going to forget something.  oh well.

and I'm packing my hat.

what are your vacation necessities?

(no worries - I'm bringing lots of SPF)

and do you have any exciting spring break plans?