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I'm a girl who owns zero pairs of spindly high heels (wedges and sturdy stacked heels are my fo-to, preferably from Madewell), has too many pairs of workout leggings, and air dries my hair 99.9% of the time. I live for comfort and thrive in low-effort environments. I blame it on too many years of living in Vermont, land of Birkenstocks and actual no-makeup looks (my Birkenstocks are rose gold, though, and my overflowing makeup bag is proof of my Sephora VIB status, so it's all relative, I suppose).

This expected level of comfort extends to all aspects of my wardrobe, including beachwear. We may have approximately 8 months of winter here (a slight exageration, but only a slight one), but the second that it gets above 70 degrees, you'll find me down at the lake, wearing a hat, absorbing as much vitamin D as I can on my exposed limbs.

The just-launched collection of swimwear from Outdoor Voices is perfect for those long afternoon of sipping Zero Gravity beers by Lake Champlain. The tops and bottoms promise to stay put during an impromptu game of frisbee, and you won't flash anyone while trying to get situated in a fruit-themed floatie. And, the available colors all compliment any level of tan! 

I've been a fan of this brand for years, and their new collections do not disappoint. This one launches just as I'm starting to get bored with all of the other swimsuits that I have in my dresser for the season. Serendipitous, or just really good planning on their part?


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Material and simplicity. These are the two self-declared core components of both A.P.C., the French label that is known world-wide for it's stylish yet simple essentials, and Outdoor Voices, the up-and-coming brand that dresses cool kids who shun labels on their way to Soul Cycle. Their new collaboration, A.P.C.O.V.shoppable as of August 31st, is the perfect marriage of minimalist athleticism that takes athleisurewear to an uncharted place of understated sophistication.

These pieces build outfits that feel equally balanced with a thick pair of Nikes or thin calfskin ballet flats, and you won't find a single pop of neon or a panel of mesh anywhere in this collection built on greys and blues.

Happy shopping!

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this summer, I have very decidedly gotten in to athletic wear. I mean this is the sense that, in May, I went through my drawer of old high school t shirts, and decided that from now on, I would only exercise in something cute, formfitting, and designed with physical activity in mind.

of course, significant changes in ones wardrobe selection like this are often more easily said than done, but where there is a sartorial will, there is always a way – never mind that it meant occasionally swapping healthy meals out for MSG-laden ramen at home.

Old Navy, Forever 21, and H&M have all been critical in my journey to filling my drawers will affordable, performance-minded athletic wear.  I've also discovered the Kate Hudson-fronted Fabletics, which is at least worth it for the $25 VIP-priced introductory outfit. however, despite the low prices and cute pieces I was finding, I'm a grey, navy, and black wearing lady on a day to day basis, so why would I want to run around town wearing more neon than you'd find in the rest of my closet combined?  

I'm sure these items are designed with visibility in mind – after all, I don't want to get picked off the side of the road during an evening jog – but I knew that I'd be even happier with some dark, neutral, and chic-leaning options.  the answer to my prayers came in an email from J. Crew:

Outdoor Voices


I'd have a hard time ever taking any of these items off.  the different shades of gray would all go perfectly with denim, or even some faux-leather for nighttime, and then you could just throw on some running shoes and get on with your life, never having to worry about looking like an over-the-top gym rat. pretty perfect, right?

images via J. Crew Tumblr