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on the need to cat nap

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I think the best thing I've done for myself lately is give myself permission to nap where I want, when I want.

when I was in school, I was a stress-driven creature; I loved and thrived on it.  however, I was almost always sick and generally deeply unhappy.  plus, I was always so freaking exhausted.

lately, I've been busy doing fantastic, wonderful things.  drinking fancy drinks at Leunig's, going for crazy long runs in the sunshine, cuddling with my cat while I watch hours of a new TV show.  I've been getting so happy and excited about life that my brain just won't turn off and let me get a solid 8 hours of beauty sleep.  it's a problem, but I won't let it get in my way.

this is where the cat naps come in.  no, curling up on my couch and being slowly poked awake by my kitty is not my idea of a perfect afternoon.  maybe my back hurts a little when I wake up, but I'm not about to let a rigid schedule stop me from having a wonderful time.

now I just want to go back in time and let old me know that naps are not a waste of time.  also, morning people are nuts.

girl crush: Emmanuelle Alt

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whenever a picture of Emmanuelle Alt, the current Editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, comes up in my Tumblr feed, I can't help but reblog it.  she is always the master of grungy-sexy-chic but never looks like she's trying too hard.  while I may not be able to maneuver cobblestone street in the perfect pointy black heels she is always wearing, I can definitely take styling cues from her by wearing not too tight pants with the perfect slouchy button-down tucked just right into the front.  she knows how to layer cozy grey staples like no other, and she may just be the reason my subconscious prefers to let my brunette hair go days between washings and spend too much time in the morning trying to get the right work-appropriate smoky-sexy eye combination (I rarely succeed).  only a rare few girls get to be a Voguette, but the rest of us can try our hardest to nail that je ne sais quois.

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on the weekend

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every Friday, someone asks the same question: "what do you have planned for the weekend?" and I'm always so happy when I can answer, "uhhhh, I don't know, nothing really."

at home brunch.jpg

I love having my weekends wide open.  I have plenty to do and adore the freedom to make last minute drink plans with whomever I like, but I relish the opportunity to sleep in, cook myself a leisurely breakfast, watch a documentary or two on Netflix if the mood strikes me.  there are also the few random chores that I never seem to complete during the work week that I force myself to do on Saturday afternoons: clean my makeup brushes, sweep under my couch, and cook myself a big meal so that I can have leftovers the rest of the week.

so tomorrow, when everyone asks me how my weekend was, I'm going to say "great!" because it actually really was.

happy birthday, Kate the great

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today the one and only great Kate Moss turns 39.  Kate's been controversial over the years, making the waif look rise above the Amazonian supermodels of the 90s, dating a whole slew of gorgeous bad boys (ahem, Johnny Depp), and plainly stating, 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.'

however, nothing is controversial about how much of a style icon this woman has been for the past 20+ years.  whether in her Calvin Klein shoots, or at the Met Gala, or swaggering around London with her rock star husband, she looks fabulous and always herself, which is why she's an icon who will have the staying power of Grace Kelly or Jacki O. 

she's just a little rougher around the edges.  I think I'll have a whiskey and coke in her honor tonight.