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A Passion for Pantone

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#pantoneposts by Lucia Litman

#pantoneposts by Lucia Litman

Have you ever taken a color acuity test online? I have, and they're much harder than you would think. We all see color a little differently from each other, which I guess explains why I occasionally see people mixing shades that honestly make me a little nauseous, but doesn't seem to impact them at all. Color is a really interesting area to explore, shaped by personal perception, senses, and preference. 

With that being said, there is also a science to color, and a standard that is set for thousands of hues that help keep everything in order. Pantone is the industry leader in developing and documenting these guidelines, setting trends and helping manufacturers to maintain a certain standard.

Still following me? Then check out #PantonePosts, a series of photographs taken by Lucia Litman that match food with a dedicated Pantone shade. From toasted bagels to bananas in varying stages of ripeness, she finds the perfectly satisfactory way to document each item as a color. If you're a fan of Things Organized Neatly and pictures that are Oddly Satisfying, I'd recommend checking her out.

Gray Malin photography

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I first became familiar with the playful and vibrant photographs of Gray Malin through Pinterest. his color saturated prints are just begging to be repinned, and I was surprised to learn that he has only been selling his photographs for a few years. 

while his prints start at $199 and are definitely out of my price range, they'll do just fine as desktop backgrounds for my work computer. maybe they'll inspire me to just say screw it and grab a colorful inner tube and jump into the nearest body of water.

all prints can be found on the Gray Malin website.

happy birthday, Audrey Hepburn!

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for as long as I can remember, I've been a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn. her sartorial instinct was always perfect, she was the chicest cat lady ever, and she remains one of the most genuine, quotable celebrities ever to grace the silver screen. she and I both happen to share the same astrological sign (my birthday was Friday!), so maybe that's another reason I can't stop asking myself, What Would Audrey Do?

either way, today is a great day to remember this fabulous lady and all that she did, far beyond her contributions to cinematic history.