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the countdown to Paris

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...has begun!

in exactly 2 weeks I will be flying with my mom and brother to visit my sister in one of my favorite places in the whole world.  

my life is going to be a little crazy over the next two weeks.  I'll be working 2 jobs (hello, 60 hour work weeks), figuring out everything I want to do over there, trying to find my European power converter, creating the perfect packing list, and spending as much time with my cat as possible so I don't feel too guilty for leaving her here for 8 days.

from my 2011 Parisian adventures

if you have any tips on things to do, I'd love to hear them!  I wasn't able to climb the Eiffel Tower when I was there last fall, so I will definitely do that, and I wouldn't mind visiting the Mona Lisa again, but there is still so much to do that I can hardly wrap my brain around.  we are also spending a few days in Dublin, and possibly some time in Brussels as well.  I really miss having my passport and DSLR be my only real necessities.  a year ago today I was flying to London all by myself, getting started on my 2 week solo travel adventure.  planning for this trip is making me both really nostalgic and so excited to be a jet setter yet again. 

my travel blog: Paris | London

so far...

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...and on Monday I'm off to Prague, London, Cambridge, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt!

I feel like I've already had too much adventure for one little small town girl.  I've become very good at pointing to things when I don't know a word and looking bewildered whenever someone asks me a question in a language I don't understand.  I've gotten lost to the point where I ended up right where I wanted to be and I've learned that sometimes you need to be rude in order to get yourself out of a compromising situation.  traveling can be overwhelming and extremely exhausting, but since I left the States in the middle of August, I feel like I've learned a million new things and can handle myself in (almost) any situation.

I'm spending my weekend resting, cleaning, preparing, and packing for my two week grand tour through Europe.  I'm already anticipating how mind-blowing the whole experience will be, and I can't really wrap my head around how many new things I will see, do, discover, and eat over the next 14 days.

and so, let the adventure continue!

in two weeks...

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...this will be me!

I am beyond excited to say au revoir to Scandinavia for a week and take a little field trip to France.  while it is a study tour led by my teacher, I've been assured that there will be plenty of time to sip red wine, eat baguettes, wear black cigarette pants and red lipstick, and pretend that I am French.  now the real question is, who makes better pastries, the French or the Danish?

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thursday style section

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now that I've successfully (or not...fingers are crossed) taken care of all the schoolwork that I had to do before embarking on spring break, it's time to tackle the next thing on my list: PACKING.

I'm not the lightest packer in the world, and going through multiple climates on a 7 day cruise is going to necessitate lots of outfit changes.  honestly, I can't wait to bust out my shorts and breezy shirts after spending so much time all huddled up in my winter-weight AA leggings and layers upon layers of sweaters and scarves.  and so, I feel the need to pack every floral or crocheted item in my closet.

I'm sticking with a theme so that it's easy to mix-and-match once I'm on board: grays, pinks, feather and floral prints, cream, olive, chambray, and only a tiny bit of black.  this is only a portion of what I've crammed into one bag.  I may be bringing, like, 7 different bikinis.

and then I need workout clothes, pjs, shoes, shoes, shoes, toiletries, and who knows what else.  I am inevitably going to forget something.  oh well.

and I'm packing my hat.

what are your vacation necessities?

(no worries - I'm bringing lots of SPF)

and do you have any exciting spring break plans?