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liberty of london

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scans of postcards purchased at Liberty

when I was in London, I spent a lot of time wandering through the most impressive of the city's shopping meccas, including Harrod's and Liberty.  each store is a maze of luxury built on a strong heritage brand with a medley of newer high end products to keep everyone happy.  my favorite floor of Liberty was the fabric and print collection.  from shirts to stationary, from Nike kicks to bolts of fabric, this floor had it all.  alas, it was all a little out of my budget for souvenirs, but I did pick up these postcards that highlighted some of the most popular prints from the last 100 years.

and can someone get me these sunglasses for my birthday? k thanks.

long live the queen

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when I was in London last November, I spent well over an hour marveling over the expansive jewelry collection at the V&A museum.  so many exquisite, priceless pieces on display but no pictures allowed!  I searched the gift shop for a book about the collection and had to settle for this postcard set instead.

these images don't really do the pieces justice, but just imagine velvet lined walls and cases covered in centuries worth of diamonds, tiaras, broaches, and necklaces fit for a queen.

postcards from abroad, part I

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I've only been in the US for a week and I'm already getting super nostalgic over my time spent abroad.

I have a big pile of postcards and an scrapbook overflowing with ticket stubs and city maps to remind me of the past 5 months, but I have already found myself wandering over to (my favorite airfare finder) and looking up cheap flights.

thankfully (I suppose), my empty bank account is a reminder that I must remain in the real world for a little bit before I can hop across the pond for my next big adventure.

1&2  Amsterdam     3&4  Prague     5  London   6   Cambridge

how do you feel about postcards?  tacky souvenir or valuable proof of a trip?