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mood board | Kentucky derby

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let the races begin!


shortly, I'll be sipping on mint juleps in an impractically large hat, watching some horses sprint their way around a track.  it all sounds a little silly, but, hey, tradition is tradition, and I'll take any excuse to dress up and get classy day drunk.

1. smithsonian hats 2. mint julep (and other derby day recipes) 3. classy couple 4. bowties 5. horse illustration 6. rose cupcakes 7. derby heels

an easter holiday

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it's always interesting to see how family holidays evolve as the children grow up.  I'm almost 24, but sister's 21, and my brother is 17.  my parents have been divorced for a year and we're all still trying to figure out how celebrations should go.  I will say that we're getting better with each one.


some lessons that were learned:

+ a good Greek diner breakfast (eggs benedict! unlimited coffee!) is way better than a fancy Easter brunch buffet

+ tulips should be a year-round floral

+ I may be horrible at painting eggs, but some people have a gift

+ impromptu visits to the Fiddlehead brewery in Shelburne result in a growler of porter made with vanilla, cocoa, coconut, and milk sugars taking up a shelf in my fridge (don't worry, those 64 oz won't last long)

+ (not pictured) don't go see Admission