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photography: an antarctic expedition

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since we're experiencing Antarctic-like temperatures in Burlington today, here's a little bit of photography/history fun for you.

the Antarctic Heritage Trust recently announced that they discovered almost two dozen 100-year-old photo negatives that appear to be relics from the 1914 - 1917 Ross Sea Party expedition.  I think that the results are stunning, and it's fascinating to see what today's science and technology can recover from the past.

lately, via my iPhone (Christmas edition)

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I had a very merry Christmas up here in the great white north.  it was filled with plenty of hot chocolate (spiked with cake flavored vodka), Chinese food, and some awkwardly strung lights.


I also learned a few things: Beajoulais is totally OK to pair with waffles, you can never actually eat too much cheese as long as there are enough different types, my mom's cat hates all other cats (and my cat just wanted to be BFFs), and I am officially too old and sore to sleep on an air mattress and feel alright the next day.

snowflakes in my eye

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much like everyone else in the continental US, I've been trudging through snowbanks and

catching rogue snowflakes in my eyes.

luckily,ย  this weather is the perfect excuse to take a few shots before we venture out of the house for the night.

we made sure to stock up on spiced rum before the storm hit.

how have you been coping with the snow?