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spring shopping

shoppingAnna KellerComment

As I've been getting ready for my big move at the end of the month, I've taken the time to go through every last drawer, bin, and dusty shelf in my apartment, hunting for items to toss, donate, or sell. This move perfectly aligns with the arrival of spring cleaning tips in my inbox, and I'm ready to purge the hell out of my space.

On the list of items that I need to get out of my life ASAP: crappy barrettes from checkout line bins, ratty scarves, and clutches that may have come free with a makeup purchase. They just aren't worth bringing with me across town, and honestly, as a 27 year old woman, I should finally invest in some slightly higher quality accessories.

I'm currently under a shopping ban as I invest in new furniture and such for our new place, but that hasn't stopped me from doing some serious window shopping on Spring. Below are a few of the items I'm currently coveting from their accessories store.

madewell spring 2016

shoppingAnna KellerComment

Madewell has released its spring 2016 lookbook, and even though I just cleared 4"+ of snow off of my car this morning, it's encouraging me to start planning some updates to my warm weather wardrobe. I love the classic combination of gingham and denim, grounded with solid wooden heels and finished off with sexy details like lace up necklines and little neck bandannas. I always make Madewell my go-to for new ideas, and then try to recreate certain looks at more affordable places like Gap and H&M. if all else fails, though, I just wait until later in the season when they start to offer 30 - 40% off of sale prices. once that happens it's game over for my credit cards.

shopping | spring sandals

style, shoppingAnna KellerComment

1. faux leather flatforms ($18) 2. faux leather huarache sandals ($20)  3. faux suede slides (sold out!)

I think of myself as an aspirational shopper. I spend a decent amount of time each day perusing the internet, browsing through clearance sections of stores that I cannot afford for seasonally inappropriate clothing. In my mind, and my Google profile would agree, I live in a warm and sunny urban area where I attend concerts regularly, art galleries from time to time, and dress up for even my Netflix binging sessions. Leather joggers are a thing now, so I can't be the only one with this kind of warped mentality.

I wouldn't say that I'm proud of this fact, as it's probably not the best use of my time, but I also don't usually buy anything. No harm, no foul. My credit card remains an innocent bystander.

This all changes when my go-to bargain hunting sites start to stock a new season of merchandise. Crop tops, too many swimsuits, and beach accessories start to fill my shopping carts. Now, mind you, I live in the great north, where temperatures have stayed consistently below freezing for far too long. I have been stuck in this permafrost for so long that I've started to consider 14 F warm. Clearly, I need help. Help in the form of cheap but chic footwear.

Enter After weeks of perusing, I finally bought three new pairs of flat sandals. All have arrived and will be perfect for transporting me on my weekly wine walks come summer, whenever that will be. Cute, cheap, and pretty darn comfortable, I'd recommend each and every one of these options, whether you live in sunny LA or have to wait two more months for Spring like me.

mood board | Kentucky derby

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let the races begin!


shortly, I'll be sipping on mint juleps in an impractically large hat, watching some horses sprint their way around a track.  it all sounds a little silly, but, hey, tradition is tradition, and I'll take any excuse to dress up and get classy day drunk.

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