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spring break

spring break: a preparatory tale

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I'm leaving for a mini spring break this week, and do you know what that means?  It means that I've been scouring the 40% off racks at the mall and sifting through horribly lit mega stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall's to find affordable and classic pieces that will round out my warm weather wardrobe.  Oh, and I've been reading the latest Anthropologie catalog to try to remember what it feels like to not be all bundled up in my warmest winter gear.  I actually can't remember a time when I wore a sundress and didn't want to go put on some thermal underwear.


earrings, American Eagle, $4 (sale) | dress, TJ Maxx, $20 | sandals, TJ Maxx $25

I've been at it for weeks, and this weekend I've finally hit the point where I can stop frantically looking for the perfect pair of wedge sandals.  I'm going to a casual Florida beach wedding (my uncle is getting remarried) and while I'm sure this distinction is intended to make getting dressed on the big day easy, I've had the dickens of a time finding something appropriate.  one fantastic pair of flat breaded leather sandals and a few $15 bikinis later, I think I can lounge by the pool, beach, and bar without looking like a Vermonter who has forgotten what the sun looks like, even though that's exactly what I am.

cruise: food on the fun ship

foodAnna Keller

the first thing that I did once I got home was make a veggie burger --- I'd been craving one so badly for the entire week.  while there was plenty of meat and fish on board, there were very few vegetarian protein options. while the food was pretty tasty, it was way heavier than what I prefer to eat.  I haven't had mayo in years, and I'm sure that I ate plenty on the boat.

breakfast was usually pretty easy - some mornings we got room service, while other days I managed to make it to the dining room before they started serving lunch.

lunch was usually a bowl of salad with plenty of fruit and cheese.  on Saturday, it was pizza and chocolate mousse.

dinner was always...interesting.  I had some really good nights (grilled marinated eggplant and chocolate amaretto cake) and some not so good nights (veggie enchiladas and baked alaska --- not what I expected).  we had the early dinner (6 pm), so I usually had a midnight snack after a night of watching my friends gamble and doing karaoke.

but now I just feel off. I am so excited to cook my own meals and eat plenty of broccoli.

I'd be fine if someone else wanted to do the dishes, though.