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how time flies

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two years ago today, I was wandering around my very new home of Copenhagen, still eating pastries like they wouldn't make me fat, not caring if I got lost (which I was most of the time), accepting the fact that I could and should dress only in somber tones, and getting through life only knowing two Danish words - tak (thanks) and hej (hi/bye).   but, really, how time flies...

september, 2011 | Copenhagen, Denmark

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back in the u s of a

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after 8 long hours on a plane, I made it safely and easily back to this great country.  I never really thought of myself as being especially nationalistic.  I don't always like America, and there are a heck of a lot of things I'd like to change.  However, hearing everyone speak English, having the door held open for me as a struggled with my luggage, and getting New England seafood for suspiciously low prices for my first dinner here reminded me how much I love this place.

it all seems really surreal, but it feels really good to be home in Vermont, surrounded by majestic mountains and the people I love the most.

Berlin, via my iPhone

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I am now back in Copenhagen after 2 amazing days in Berlin.  I firmly stand by my statement that Berlin is my favorite European city.  it may not be as magical as Paris or as ancient as Rome, but it is a city of individuals, conceptual cafés full of friends, deserted warehouses that have been converted into studios, and delicious beer.  I had a hard time leaving, and I know that I will find myself on the city's graffiti-ed streets again.

sunrise at 7:30 am

on a portion of the Berlin Wall in the East Side Gallery

a chai tea latte & rhubarb meringue cake at Milch & Zucker

a light dinner at Mein Haus am See on Brunnenstraße -- try the orange beer

brunch at Café Bravo on Auguststraße

thrifting at Humana

schneeballen - literally, a snowball, or delicious pastry

god jul!

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I am definitely getting into the holiday spirit here in Denmark.  maybe it's because I'm not killing myself with finals right now (study abroad work is easy-peasy), but I'm enjoying this season much more than I usually do.  it doesn't hurt that Christmas markets take up every available square in the city and that drinking gløgg and spreading good cheer are practically requirements of being an upstanding member of society.  I wander through Field's, the biggest department store in Scandinavia, twice a day to get between my apartment and the metro, and it warms my heart to see burly Danish dads picking out dollhouses for their little girls to open on Christmas morning.