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shop: OV swim

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I'm a girl who owns zero pairs of spindly high heels (wedges and sturdy stacked heels are my fo-to, preferably from Madewell), has too many pairs of workout leggings, and air dries my hair 99.9% of the time. I live for comfort and thrive in low-effort environments. I blame it on too many years of living in Vermont, land of Birkenstocks and actual no-makeup looks (my Birkenstocks are rose gold, though, and my overflowing makeup bag is proof of my Sephora VIB status, so it's all relative, I suppose).

This expected level of comfort extends to all aspects of my wardrobe, including beachwear. We may have approximately 8 months of winter here (a slight exageration, but only a slight one), but the second that it gets above 70 degrees, you'll find me down at the lake, wearing a hat, absorbing as much vitamin D as I can on my exposed limbs.

The just-launched collection of swimwear from Outdoor Voices is perfect for those long afternoon of sipping Zero Gravity beers by Lake Champlain. The tops and bottoms promise to stay put during an impromptu game of frisbee, and you won't flash anyone while trying to get situated in a fruit-themed floatie. And, the available colors all compliment any level of tan! 

I've been a fan of this brand for years, and their new collections do not disappoint. This one launches just as I'm starting to get bored with all of the other swimsuits that I have in my dresser for the season. Serendipitous, or just really good planning on their part?

montauk's the surf lodge

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Since my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment at the end of May, I've spent a substantial amount of time (too much time, really) Pinterest-stalking interior designers and reading about décor inspiration, sending him links to see how he feels about it and then hitting up HomeGoods to see if I can recreate the look on the cheap. Our new space is finally coming together, and its feel is definitely more urban loft than surf lodge, but that doesn't mean I can't fall head over heels for the relaxed vibes and open spaces of the freshly redesigned The Surf Lodge in Montauk. Light + airy + white = the perfect space for summer gatherings and sipping on glass after glass of rosé.

Some of my favorite tips from The Coveteur's interview with Fiona Byrne about the building's recent renovations, below:


Less is more is my mantra. When something doesn’t look right, I take pieces away until it does. It’s like taking off a piece of jewelry before you leave the house. Adding a vintage book and a natural bookend to a glossy white dresser is a perfect contrast. 

Refinishing your furniture can drastically change the look and feel of your space. In many bedrooms at Surf Lodge, we custom finished the beds with a whitewash that has pink tones that correspond with the Montauk sunsets. It’s super easy to do and will change the look completely.

It might seem like a small detail, but a fig tree really adds something to a room. When your space is minimal, a plant brings a homeyness and life to a corner.

A really great bedroom update is to get rid of all your throw pillows and throws and use all-white linens. 

If you don’t have much else in your room, one great piece of art will give it personality. If you don’t want to buy a ton of stuff, just make sure to invest in one nice piece of art for your wall. The gallery wall [with tons of things on it] is a trend that’s passing.

Tropical plants and succulents are totally on trend and can work in any environment as long as you mix them in with native plants.

madewell spring 2016

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Madewell has released its spring 2016 lookbook, and even though I just cleared 4"+ of snow off of my car this morning, it's encouraging me to start planning some updates to my warm weather wardrobe. I love the classic combination of gingham and denim, grounded with solid wooden heels and finished off with sexy details like lace up necklines and little neck bandannas. I always make Madewell my go-to for new ideas, and then try to recreate certain looks at more affordable places like Gap and H&M. if all else fails, though, I just wait until later in the season when they start to offer 30 - 40% off of sale prices. once that happens it's game over for my credit cards.

ready to r-e-l-a-x

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the weekend at last

I am 100% an introvert. I need to my time to relax, and being on the go, day after day, is simply exhausting. No matter how much fun I'm having, I need my down time. Summer is notorious for being an extremely busy season, and August has been a blur for me. I started the month off going to Osheaga for three days, and after that, it's been a constant stream of days with friends at the beach, work parties, squeezing in boxing classes, wine dates, and so much more. In the past week alone, I went to see Trainwreck (and was super disappointed by it! Anyone else feel this way?), ate my weight in smoked meat at Bluebird BBQ in Winooski, got my iPhone screen fixed after smashing it for the first time in my life, saw Beach House in concert at Higher Ground, and did 5 loads of laundry. And tonight I have a hair appointment right after work, and then am meeting friends to go to the ArtsRiot Food Truck Stop. It's been a blast and I'm happy to squeeze in as many summer activities as possible before the temperature starts to drop, but I desperately want to curl up with my cat, AppleTV, and a bottle of Trader Joe's Coastal Sauvignon Blanc and call it a day. Which is exactly where I hope to be later this evening.

Have a wonderful & relaxing weekend!

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