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another grey sweatshirt

shoppingAnna KellerComment
I <3 my new grey sweatshirt

I <3 my new grey sweatshirt

After one quick pass through my closet, you can easily say that I have a problem: I tend to buy a lot of the same items. Hell, you could tell the same thing by scrolling through this blog. I love striped tops, leather jackets, simple shoes, and grey sweatshirts.

I can claim that I'm slowly but surely embracing Uniform Dressing, but the truth is, I'm always in pursuit of a version of an item that's better than what I have now. Yes, I have 8 grey sweatshirts, but they aren't all perfectly soft on the inside, they don't all have raglan sleeves, and they aren't the ideal mash up of chic and athletic so that I can wear them with jeans and not feel like a slob.

Luckily, I now have one that meets all of that criteria (at least until it survives a few tumbles in the dryer). Glossier, the skin care company off-shoot of Into the Gloss, has started to sell sweatshirts in addition to vacation-ready coconut lip balm and skin-soothing moisturizing masks. As soon as news of this new item hit my inbox, I entered my credit card information and one of these $60 beauties was mine.

Is 60 bucks a lot for a basic item like this? Yes, yes it is, but I'll assure you that it's worth every penny.!/products/glossier-sweatshirt