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Luxury Living at the South Pole

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Vermont winters can make me think I'm living in Antarctica. Last week, the wind chill made it feel like -22 degrees Farenheight, and I spent a lot of my day today hoping that we don't get enough snow to strand me at work. It can be bitterly cold up here, but thankfully, there are days between November and March when the temperature does creep up over freezing and I can deign to go outside without a hat or gloves.

Yet, as much as I hate this persistent cold, I can't help but want to travel to the actual South Pole and hang out at White Desert, a super luxury resort. It'll run you $25k for an 8 day trip, but check out the lodgings! So cozy & chic, with penguins right outside your window. With a setting like this, it must be worth the trip (and major $$$).

vacationland: a photo diary

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I just got back from an impromptu family vacation to the coast of Maine.  I grew up there, and it was a pleasant little treat to go back to the beach I used to frequent as a little kid, eat plenty of seafood, drink just enough Maine beer, and hang out with my mom, sister, and brother.   in classic coastal style, the one day we decided to spend plenty of time at the beach was eerily cloudy and cold, but we made do, and we let our mom spend too much time at the L.L. Bean flagship stores; they're open 24/7 and we weren't the only weirdos in there after 10 pm on a Tuesday, surprisingly enough.  if you follow chicorgeek on Instagram then you already got a full dose of my travel photos, but feel free to click on each to get a better look.  I brought my film camera along, too, so once I finish that roll I'll have some other pictures to share with you as well.

treasure island | photo diary

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my vacation is long over and I'm back in the tragic & cold north.  I'm praying that I was able to absorb enough vitamin D and tasty drinks to last me through to the end of May when it finally gets warm up here in Vermont.

a few things that I learned:

  1. warm weather packing is a million times easier than cold weather packing. 1 carry-on for 5 days, 2+ outfits/day?  doable.  
  2. Florida has craft beer.
  3. If it's chilly and windy, there's always the hot tub.
  4. I'm ambivalent about lobster.  Are my taste buds too refined?
  5. You can be friends with your cousins 12 years later and when everyone's all grown up.  Especially if you all like good beer.
  6. A sno-ball is good.  A sno-ball with tequila in it is even better.
  7. Go for a run on the beach every day and you'll be able to eat and drink to your heart's content and not gain a pound.

Ireland: a photo diary

travel, photography, adventureAnna KellerComment

upon arrival, I could appreciate everyone's good nature and unfaltering love for the nation's good beer.  I could've married just about any male I encountered there.  show me a good time, a solid sense of humor, and a few cold ones, and I'm yours.

the Guinness storehouse is more of a beer-themed educational amusement park than brewery.  at the end of your intellectual journey, you have the knowledge of a brew master and get to enjoy a pint of the dark stuff overlooking a breathtaking view of Dublin.  

just an hour outside of Dublin, you really start to feel like this is a place of leprechauns and spirits.  the feeling is especially enhanced after a few pints of Bulmer's, the delicious dry cider that paired perfectly with every meal we had.

I can't believe that I've been sitting on this draft for over 3 months now. 

behold, the beauty + natural wonder of Ireland.