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travel | take me to Miami

photography, travelAnna KellerComment

holy effing moly.  this Sous Style story about a contributor's recent trip down to Miami has me aching for swimming pools, cold & boozy beverages, palm trees, and tan lines.  or, like, a day when the temperature breaks freezing.  (this winter is slowly killing me and I can't help but complain.  sorry I'm not sorry.)  take me back to last April when I actually spent a few days in sunny FL?  please and thank you.

vacationland: a photo diary

photography, adventureAnna KellerComment

I just got back from an impromptu family vacation to the coast of Maine.  I grew up there, and it was a pleasant little treat to go back to the beach I used to frequent as a little kid, eat plenty of seafood, drink just enough Maine beer, and hang out with my mom, sister, and brother.   in classic coastal style, the one day we decided to spend plenty of time at the beach was eerily cloudy and cold, but we made do, and we let our mom spend too much time at the L.L. Bean flagship stores; they're open 24/7 and we weren't the only weirdos in there after 10 pm on a Tuesday, surprisingly enough.  if you follow chicorgeek on Instagram then you already got a full dose of my travel photos, but feel free to click on each to get a better look.  I brought my film camera along, too, so once I finish that roll I'll have some other pictures to share with you as well.

a summer vacation

lifestyleAnna KellerComment

In an amazing gesture of kindness, my company gave me the fourth and the fifth off this week. Maybe they could sense my incredible and growing level of crazy? There's only so much overtime that a girl can do before her head threatens to explode, after all. So I've been relaxing/celebrating/giving my brain a much-needed break since 5:00 pm on Wednesday and I think that I may actually be regaining my sanity. It's a beautiful feeling.

Here's what's helping: small town fireworks, late night boating excursions, beach beers, tan lines, family dinners, and lots and lots of sleep.

Oh, and I forgot how glorious the A/C of a movie theater can be - go see This Is the End!


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