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Burlington, Vermont is a strange and lovely place.  I've been getting to know it a little better this past week.  while I'm still a little apprehensive about sticking around in the area that I grew up in (at least for the immediate future), I'm having a lot of fun discovering burger nights at local farms, exploring the South End, and going for runs along the bike path on Lake Champlain.

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1.  road trip treat from McD's  2 & 3. checking out the athletic facilities at Lafayette College

4.  going Gothic at Lehigh  5. the old Bethlehem Steel Works, totally redone (more to come on this later)

6. Franklin Field at UPenn  7. a carb loaded meal at one of my favorite chains, Macaroni Grill

I just spent a long weekend with my dad and brother touring colleges in eastern PA.  I'm 6 years older than my brother, and since he came along on most of my college visits when he was just 10 years old I don't really mind helping him with his own search now.  checking out some of the schools that I got in to but didn't attend has really got me thinking about the what ifs, the could've beens.  different friends, different cities, different classes, different problems.  people often ask me if I liked my own university, and I have a hard time answering them.  sure, most of my time there was not fun.  I had more downs than ups.  however, my undergraduate career has made me the person that I am today and there is no way I'd want to change that.  that's life.

lately, via my iPhone

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(I apologize in advance for the abundance of cat photos)

1.  I found a gift certificate for $25 in my Madwell catalogue, which meant that I got one of their wonderful pocket tees for 45 cents.  2.  a surprisingly beautiful editorial in the April 2012 issue of Teen Vogue  3.  a lovely little pond that I spotted on a run

4.  me and my kitty sunning on the back porch  5.  interview prep

6.  dining al fresco back when it was so nice out  7.  kitty napping

lately, via my iPhone

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on Friday my travel buddy from study abroad took the 9 hour train ride from Penn Station all the way up to Vermont just to see me!  I was so happy to have someone to explore my little state with (and to see her, of course) for the weekend.

I got to do a little shopping and scored the Gap sweater that I've been wanting for quite some time for only $16, plus one fun sweater with a leopard-inspired motif that I just couldn't say no to.  I've been doing so well and not shopping for clothes, but the end of season sales were just too good to resist.

we went on a little road trip on Saturday, which was gloriously sunny, to visit both the Cabot creamery and the Ben & Jerry's factory.  obviously, we love our dairy.

that enormous sample is of the milk & cookies flavor.  I'm not a huge ice cream lover (I'd rather have sweet potato fries any day) but this combination of cookies & cream ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough is amazing.

I also saw Jerry at the gym the other day.  maybe he was working off a pint or two?  it was the kind of celebrity sighting that you can only have in Vermont.

on Sunday we visited Palmer's Sugarhouse, a local operation, and tried some sugar on snow.  for those of you who aren't familiar with this treat, it's made by topping a little pile of fresh snow (or ice in the warmer months) with plenty of top-quality maple syrup and is served with a plain donut and a pickle to balance the flavors.  the syrup gets all hard and sticky, making for a rather messy meal.

we also hiked Mt Philo, a little bump of a mountain, and had a lovely little picnic at the summit looking out over the mountains and Lake Champlain.

on Monday we went into Burlington.  I'm sure my city dwelling friend was a little underwhelmed by all that Burlington has to offer, but she sure was charmed by the friendly people and breathtaking views.

we stopped by the Lake Champlain Chocolates factory and store just long enough to snag some free samples and see some Easter bunnies being made.  we spent the day popping in and out of little boutiques, having a quiet little lunch at the Spot, and wandering the waterfront before the sun disappeared.

stay tuned for more details of our weekend adventures!