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Burlington, VT is a magnificent place, but it's easy to fall into a rut here.  to help you (and myself) out, here are a few of my favorite places worth remembering:

restaurants & bars


if you check in here on Foursquare, then you will most likely find me as the Mayor.  I've been going to this pleasant bar since I was 21, and the nightly specials and Connect Four games that can be found in every booth keep me coming back.

Ri Ra Irish Pub

this place turns into a raucous bar on weekend nights, but it's worth heading here for tasty 1/2 price burgers on Wednesdays and a pint or two that may just transport you to Dublin.

East Shore Vineyard Tasting Room

wine and cheese are two of my passions if life.  head to this Church Street tasting room to sample some delicious wine and a generous food tasting platter.  you'll bring a bottle or four home.  trust me.

Feldman's Bagels

I don't just love this bagel place because it is conveniently located right between my apartment and work; Feldman's knows how to make a fluffy and delicious bagel.  they always have slightly unusual but genius cream cheese flavors, too.

stop by here for breakfast or lunch, and if you stop by between 4 and 5, then you can get a dozen for 1/2 off.  hello, freezer!

I love, love, LOVE Vietnamese food, and the only thing better than fresh and delicious food is affordable fresh and delicious food.  everything on their menu is a home run, and when it comes to lunch, I'm partial to their banh mi sandwiches that won't cost you more than $4.



Fiddlehead always has its standard IPA on tap, as well as one or two delicious brews that are always worth sampling.  I'm in love with their Hodad, a tasty coconut-flavored porter, but really, I haven't met a beer from this place that I haven't loved.  fill a growlette (or better yet, a growler) from here, ASAP.


this brewery has only been opened for just over a year, but it's a main attraction for Vermonters and out-of-staters who can't get enough of this flavorful brew.  stop by their tasting room to sip on their signature beer as well as whatever they have on tap for the season.

Magic Hat 

this brewery isn't exactly local anymore, but Magic Hat's artifactory and tasting room are definitely worth checking out if you're on Rt. 7.  take a growler home and you'll save some money over what you'd pay at the grocery store or your local bar.

Shelburne Vineyard

$5 here gets you 8 delicious wine samples and a free wine glass.  let's just say that there's a very good reason that the majority of my apartment's wine glass selection is made up of glasses from this place.  

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